Fleet Live
9th - 10th October 2018
NEC, Birmingham

Future Zone



The Fleet Live Future Zone will host the latest ideas, innovations and incredible technologies affecting fleets into a specially curated showcase area.

Global policy agreements (climate change) indicate clean air policies will take shape over the next five years. Policing of emissions measurements and access to urban areas, coupled with developments in technology, will shift thinking towards:

  • Short term – low C02 emission fleets
  • Medium term – alternative powertrains
  • Long term – the way in which businesses move people and goods

The spotlight is now on fleets and how they will effectively equip themselves for the future.

Fleets will have to consider multi-modal transport solutions to meet future urban transport strategies, whether alternatives to the car or alternatives to internal combustion engine van/truck distribution. What does this mean, what are the options and what role will fleet managers have to play in this change? How will you have to adapt to the new world?


The Future Zone will cover mobility, connectivity, the role of autonomous vehicles (including ADAS) and zero & low emissions - showcasing the latest technological advances such as: 

  • Mobility – Mobility as a Service (MaaS) - Instead of viewing transport as a series of separate journeys, it will be delivered as an integrated, reactive mobility system driven by technology and a desire for personal services. Integrated MaaS apps can create a single, seamless journey, cutting out the hassle of separate ticketing for different legs of a journey. New mobility services for fleets to consider will include car sharing, ride hailing, carpooling and ride sharing.
  • Connectivity – the Connected Car: Devices, which connect the car to other devices @ networks, other cars, home, office or infrastructure.
  • Use of connected car data to increase internal efficiency, quality and product differentiation.
  • Technology – technology continues to play an increasingly important role for fleets, with many adopting developments such as telematics
  • Autonomous Driving – Autonomous Vehicles – how will this make fleets safer?  How the use of ADAS will pave the way to level five autonomy?
  • Last Mile – Last-mile delivery, sometimes called final mile, covering/displaying an item’s final destination in the supply chain – from electric-powered delivery vans, the use of parcel terminals, cargo bikes to drones launched entirely automatically while the driver continues making deliveries.
  • Zero Emission zone – Alternatively fueled vehicles and low emission technologies.


Mobility Zone 

The zone is dedicated to organisations seeking to engage with companies looking  to incorporate their fleet and travel into wider ranging business travel options. The zone will welcome fleet and mobility managers, as well as procurement specialists looking for new travel options. It will provide the perfect platform to showcase new mobility services such as: 

  • Car sharing, ride hailing, carpooling and ride sharing to a captive audience of fleets. 
  • Shifting from Total Cost of Ownership through to Total Cost of Mobility,
  • The Zone will incorporate a ‘Screen Experience’, which will be used to demonstrate new mobility solutions via the screen to a live audience.

The zone will house 6 to 12 exhibitors, which will each have the opportunity to get a 10-minute screen experience slot, together with a 3m x 3m shell scheme stand and a branding pod adjacent to the screen.


The Technology Hub 

This zone is dedicated to organisations seeking to engage with companies looking to adopt new technologies around connectivity, safety, data and security. As fleets are increasingly innovative in their approaches to reduce collisions and improve duty of care, the connected vehicle is a development, which will have a lasting impact on the fleet sector. The data created by their cars will also save downtime, cut service, maintenance, and repair costs by diagnosing problems before they occur.

Challenges for fleets exist, however, around cyber-attacks and data protection, notably with the May 25, 2018, introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation, which builds on existing data protection legislation with a particular focus on digitalisation and technology.


Zero Emission Hub 

As London and other cities move towards zero emission travel, the way fleets move people and goods around will fundamentally change. This hub is dedicated to promoting options available to fleets to meet clean air zones (CAZ) regulations.

The hub is strategically positioned adjacent the strategy stream theatre 2. The zone will attract EV manufacturers and alternative fuel suppliers and V2G technologies.