Fleet Live
8th - 9th October 2019
NEC, Birmingham

Tomorrow's Fleet Zone

The spotlight is now on fleets and how they will effectively equip themselves for the future.

Fleets will have to consider multi-modal transport solutions to meet future urban transport strategies, whether alternatives to the car or alternatives to internal combustion engine van/truck distribution.

What does this mean, what are the options and what role will fleet managers have to play in this change? How will you have to adapt to the new world?


The Fleet Live Future Zone will showcased the latest technological advances set to change the face of fleet and how you can adopt them. 

The Future Zone covered mobility, connectivity, the role of autonomous vehicles (including ADAS) and low & zero emissions - in three unique hubs: 

The Mobility Zone

Dedicated for companies looking to incorporate their fleet and travel into wider ranging business travel options.

Showcasing new mobility services like car pooling and ride hailing and how to shift from 'Total Cost of Ownership' to 'Total Cost of Mobility'.


The Technology Hub

Dedicated to organisations seeking to adopt new technologies around connectivity, safety, data and security. 

As fleets are increasingly innovative in their approaches to reduce collisions and improve duty of care, the connected vehicle is a development which will have a lasting impact on the sector. 


The Zero Emission Hub

As London and other major UK cities move towards zero-emission travel, the way fleets operate will fundamentally change.

Visit this hub to discover the options available to meet Clean Air Zones.                                                                                                                                     


With more information coming soon!